Greenlit Launches Tools to Reduce Emissions from the Production of Ads

Nov 10, 2023
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On November 7th, Ad Net Zero kicked off its Production Emissions Working Group. This action area focuses on supporting the reduction of carbon emissions that occur from the development of ads including the creation of video, radio, photography and digital advertisement. The Working Group will trial production emission measurement and reduction tools to recommend and support their adoption across the industry.

Auckland-based producer Craig Gainsborough has established an industry-led non-profit organisation called GreenLit to support production companies implement sustainable production practices. In October Greenlit officially launched its suite of complimentary tools, including a production carbon calculator the Production Emission Working Group will trial in 2024 that uses local emission factors to ensure accurate measurement of our industry’s carbon emissions.

“If you’re going to be implementing environmentally sustainable practices on set, you’ve got to have plans, and you’ve got to be reporting and monitoring how you’re doing.” shares Craig

For anyone working to incorporate Sustainability within their Production process the Quick Start Guide is an excellent starting point. It offers a templated environmental policy, a comprehensive sustainability action plan, and of course the carbon calculator to measure emissions.

Kate Roydhouse, Executive Producer at The Sweetshop, is on the steering committee for GreenLit, Ad Net Zero, and Co-Chairs the Advertising Producers Aotearoa (APA). She notes that companies may feel the pressure to be perfect right off the bat, however adds “there is no such thing as perfect”.

“Everyone is working through it, it’s okay to make mistakes, we’re all learning. If the intention is right and we’re striving to do right based on current practises around sustainability and carbon measurement and reduction, that’s the best we can ask for. We’ve all got to start somewhere.”

Please have a look around GreenLit and share any feedback with us at

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Ad Net Zero's five-point Action Plan provides our industry with a framework for its transition to net zero.