Ad Net Zero Launches Survey to Benchmark Ad Industry

Feb 28, 2024
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Ad Net Zero issues its first call for carbon emission and sustainability benchmarking data from industry. The survey data will be anonymously aggregated into a State of the Industry Report published in late Q2. The report is critical to measuring the initiative’s success, telling the story of our Industry’s efforts, and offering foundational data from which individual organisations can benchmark themselves against.

Highlights of the report will include:

  • Maturity of sustainability efforts by organisational size and type
  • Average operational emissions per FTE
  • Highest common areas of carbon impact
  • Estimated total impact of our industry’s annual operational emissions
  • Common activities undertaken to reduce emissions
  • Actions taken to address emissions from the production and distribution of ads
  • Case studies

All answers will be kept confidential and will be compiled into industry averages. There is no risk of individual data being made public. There are also no right or wrong answers - this is an information collection exercise only.

In order to have a robust baseline year, we are seeking a 100% participation rate from Supporters and hope those who have not yet become a Supporter will participate as well.

  • Benchmarking Survey can be filled in online here and should take no more than 10min. To see the questions in advance of starting the online survey, you may review them here.
  • Carbon Emission Inventories can be forwarded directly via Toitū if they are your provider by signalling your approval to or via the excel template. If your organisation is participating in the Ad Net Zero Emission Inventory Learning Group alongside Toitū, we already have access to your data.

Please note: Conducting an annual carbon emission inventory is mandatory for all Supporters of Ad Net Zero. If you do not currently measure your carbon emissions, please contact us. We have a measurement tool and an on-boarding process designed to support you through the measurement process.

Please return data by March 2024. Any questions please email

Thank you for your support.

action plan

Ad Net Zero's five-point Action Plan provides our industry with a framework for its transition to net zero.